Golf Course

Christmas Valley Golf Course, built in 1964, was for many years the longest nine-hole course in Oregon. Located in the heart of the township of Christmas Valley, the course features long, narrow fairways, challenging greens and roughs that quickly transition to native desert habitat. Recently rated by the Oregon Golf Association for all players from all sets of tees, the course offers golfers the option of mixing or matching tee boxes for a fun, challenging 18-hold round of golf.

Golfers are rediscovering this Emerald in the High Desert and are bringing their ‘sticks’ along with their ATVs, binoculars, hiking boots, fishing and fly rods, and hunting gear and taking advantage of all the Oregon Outback has to offer. 

Golfing aside, fabulous fun activities abound. The birding is famous, fly fishing on the Chewaucan River near Paisley is phenomenal, hiking the many trails that lead to and through the abundant geological features of the area is magical and getting tags for hunting this area is desirable. We who have the privilege of living this High Desert Wonderland invite you to come and share all its pleasures.

We are a public nine-hole course. No tee times are required but we ask that large groups wishing to hold tournaments contact the Park & Recreation office for details and to make reservations. The number is 541-576-2216.

Fee Schedule:

  • 9 holes - $20
  • 18 holes - $25 (all day)
  • Annual single membership (March 1 to February 28) - $225
  • Annual family membership (March 1 to February 28) - $300
  • Golfing Events - $100 (does not include golfers' green fees)

Golfers are welcome to bring their power carts. We ask only that they drive on fairways as a way to preserve the desert terrain and, of course, give the greens and tee boxes a wide berth.

We have six sets of men’s clubs, one set of women’s clubs and two sets of small junior clubs as well as several pull carts to lend out.

Call 541-576-2216 for more information.

Tips on Playing the Christmas Valley Golf Course

Hole #1 - 163/153/119 Par 3  This hole is fairly easy; however, the green has a decided pitch that makes 3-putting a constant danger. Beware of rolling off the right side as your lie may be difficult—better short than over.

Hole #2 - 335/324/278 Par 4  Hole two deceives the eye. It is best to aim toward the black & white 150 yard pole and to be slightly right if anything. The green is elevated and somewhat terraced. The slope off the back of this green means going over will most likely present a difficult chip.

Hole #3 – 429/418/356  Par 4 A slight dogleg left into the middle of the fairway will provide an open approach to the green which, while slightly elevated, is again one that slopes off the backside making short a much better choice than long. Beware of the dry pond (AKA flamingo habitat) on the left as this hazard demands one play by the rules.

Hole #4 – 488/435/351 Par 5/4  This dogleg left requires an accurate drive with a second shot bringing you near the three-foot mounds in front of the green. The green is somewhat elevated but is quite level and should present many birdie opportunities.

Hole #5 – 201/191/169 Par 3  A fine one-shotter into the prevailing wind will reach green. Birdies will be scarce due to the slope of the green.

Hole #6 – 577/514/451 Par 5  Two long and accurate shots to the point of the turn of this serious right dogleg will leave a nice approach to the elevated green. The risk is to take the second shot over the corner which is a wasteland of sand and sage almost to the green. The green slopes and putting must be accurate to get that circle on the score card.

Hole #7 – 386/335/267 Par 4  Although this is a straight-away hole, the cupped green and the large mound in front of the green make the hole more difficult than it appears from the teeing ground. The green is fairly level making long puts doable.

Hole #8 – 362/354/302 Par 4  Although this is a short par 4, its green is the most difficult to hold as it slopes away from the lie of shots and is protected by ten foot mounds. Be happy with a par.

Hole #9 – 380/353/268 Par 4  A wasteland area divides the fairway near the 150 yardage and makes shots steered away from the lake to the left more difficult. Best to land out past the 150 yard pole and slightly left for the best approach to the fairly large undulating green.

Please note: the entire right side of the course (with the exception of Hole #1) is OB ten yards into the sage or when it is obvious your ball is on private property.